Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Was Part Of Anupamaa, He Shared Excitement Towards Show

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Known For Dil Dosti Dance All Set To Enter The Anupamaa. He Opened Up For His Role In Show

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Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Was Part Of Anupamaa, He Shared Excitement Towards Show

31st October 2023, Mumbai: Anupamaa Starrer Rupali Ganguly, Gaurav Khanna and Sudhanshu Pandey. The storyline and plot of Anupamaa winning millions of hearts. There are many twists and turns which everyone likes in that show. The show has been first in the Trp chart since its beginning. Rupali Ganguly and Gaurav Khanna’s chemistry is liked by everyone.

Well, the current plot of Anupamaa revolves around Samar’s death. The scenes were too emotional to watch and the show made everyone cry. Samar’s death changes the whole life of Dimpy. She is pregnant with his child. However, Anupama has strongly supported Dimpy to move on with her life.

Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Enters Anupama Show

Anupama brought Dimpy to Kapadia house so Baa will not hurt Dimpy again. But we will see the new entry coming in the show. Dimpy will join the dance academy soon. Also, she will be seen preparing for the dance competition. During that competition, a new man entered her life which was played by actor Kunwar Amarjeet Singh.

As we all know Kunwar Amarjeet Singh Was a best dancer as he was part of Dil Dosti Dance and he joined Dance academy along with Dimpy in the show.

Kunwar’s Family Huge Fan Of Anupamaa

He mentioned that his whole family loved Anupamaa show very much and recently he went to his hometown to meet his sister and she told him how much she liked this show. He said , His surprising entry will shock my whole family.

Well, it is interesting to see when Kunwar enters Dimpy’s life and how all will react about it.

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