Legendary Star Seema Deo Passes Away at 83, Leaving Behind an Enduring Legacy!

Iconic Actress of "Anand" and "Kora Kagaz" Fame Succumbs to Alzheimer's Disease, Remembered for Her Versatility

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  • Veteran Star Seema Deo Bids Farewell at 83
  • Her Son Abhinay Deo Shares the Heartbreaking News of Her Passing
  • Renowned for Her Performances in Films like "Anand," "Koshish," and "Sansar"

24th August 2023, Mumbai: In a somber turn of events, the world of cinema mourns the loss of a luminary as veteran star Seema Deo, celebrated for her iconic roles in films like “Anand” and “Kora Kagaz,” has passed away at the age of 83. The sad news was shared by her son, Abhinay Deo, who revealed that Seema Deo had been battling Alzheimer’s disease.

Abhinav Deo’s Message

“She passed away at 8.30-9 am at her residence in Bandra due to old age. She had been withdrawn completely, and eventually it is just old age. Alzheimer’s is such a thing that you stop figuring out how to function. She had dementia leading up to Alzheimer’s and she was suffering from it for over three years. “There’s no specific reason (for her death). Due to Alzheimer’s and dementia, the person forgets how to walk. The muscle memory starts coming down and one by one, the organs start shutting down,” Abhinay Deo conveyed message

Seema Deo’s Legacy

Seema Deo, whose contributions spanned both Marathi and Hindi cinema, breathed her last on Thursday, August 24. Renowned for her remarkable performances in movies such as “Anand” (1971), “Koshish” (1972), and “Sansar” (1987), she leaves behind a legacy of memorable characters that have resonated with audiences over the years. Survived by her two sons, Ajinkya Deo and Abhinay Deo, Seema Deo’s passing marks the end of an era in the world of cinema.

Seema Deo Family and Children

Abhinay Deo, known for his directorial work in films like “Delhi Belly” and “Blackmail,” shared the heart-wrenching news of his mother’s demise. In a statement, he revealed that Seema Deo had been grappling with Alzheimer’s disease, but otherwise, she was in a stable condition. The news echoes the concern that her younger son, Ajinkya Deo, had expressed on Twitter in 2020 about her health condition.

 Remembering Seema Deo

Seema Deo’s contributions to the cinematic landscape were truly remarkable. Her filmography boasted roles in over 80 Hindi and Marathi films, captivating audiences with her versatility and artistry. Her passing comes after a prolonged battle with Alzheimer’s disease, a condition that slowly eroded her ability to function and remember. As the curtain falls on Seema Deo’s illustrious journey, her legacy lives on through the indelible impact she has left on the world of cinema. Her performances, etched into the annals of cinematic history, will continue to inspire and resonate with generations to come.

RIP Seema Deo!

By Yashika Desai

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