Actor Sanjeev Poonam Mishra is back on Zee5 for another surefire hit, “Maithili”

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On January 29, 2023, Zee5 and Zee Biskope will premiere the Maithili movie starring talented actor and star, Sanjeev Poonam Mishra. With a strong message woven throughout, this film offers a full-pack of entertainment. The message focuses on girls’ education, women’s empowerment, and shattering pre-existing orthodox beliefs.

Due to social pressure, a girl who wishes to pursue her education is compelled to be married soon, ends up as a widow, and is then expelled from her home after being held responsible for her husband’s demise. This toxic, old mindset stole everything from that innocent girl, even after she being pregnant. The short and exciting plot of the film is revealed in the trailer, encouraging Maithili film lovers and movie folks to not miss the chance to see this exciting film.

Actor Sanjeev Poonam Mishra, who has fallen in love with her, then decides to marry her and tries to convince his parents as well as the society. This heart-touching movie filled with entertainment and inspiration showcases the hard work and talent of our renowned actor, Sanjeev Poonam Mishra.

Sanjeev Poonam Mishra is an impressive, young, and hard-working actor born and raised in Bihar. He worked on understanding himself, just like everyone else, and discovered that acting is his passion. However, setting aside others’ opinions after finding his calling, he began establishing a career in acting and refused to let anyone else’s perceptions derail him.

For his debut film, Dil Sala Sanki, featuring renowned actors Jimmy Shergill, Shakti Kapoor, and Hrishitaa Bhatt, he traveled to Mumbai in 2015. Following that, there was Thandi Chai on Zee5, No More #Me Too on Amazon Prime, and Chilam Chowki featuring Sanjeev Poonam Mishra available on MX Player.

The audience was impressed by each of these movies that featured Sanjeev Poonam Mishra in the major roles. His fans continue to watch “No More #Me Too” over and over. People are cheering for their favorite star as much as they can, praising his acting skills and love for Maithili movies. Don’t miss “Maithili,” his film premiering tomorrow on Zee5 and Zee Biskope.

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