Mission Raniganj Sees Box Office Boost on Day 2 with ₹4.70 Cr Collection!

After a modest start, Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra starrer hints at growing momentum and audience interest.

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Mission Raniganj Sees Box Office Boost on Day 2 with ₹4.70 Cr Collection!

8th October, 2023, Mumbai: While Mission Raniganj commenced its box office journey with a modest ₹2.8 Cr India net, fans and analysts remained hopeful. The initial figures, though on the lower end, set the stage for the film’s potential upward trajectory in the coming days.

Day Two Bounce-back

Contrary to the lukewarm response on its release day, Mission Raniganj witnessed a promising increase on its second day. The film’s box office collection surged to ₹4.70 Cr on its second day, indicating a growing interest among audiences and an impressive 68% increase from its opening day.

Assessing the Saturday Occupancy

On the 2nd day, October 07, 2023, Mission Raniganj marked an overall occupancy of 15.73% in Hindi. Though the percentage might seem low, it’s worth noting that the film has begun its ascent, especially when observed closely in terms of show-wise occupancy.

A breakdown of the occupancy on the second day paints a clearer picture:

– Morning Shows: With a 10.13% occupancy rate, the morning shows hinted at a consistent crowd from the opening day, providing a base for the film’s daytime performance.

– Afternoon Shows: As the day progressed, the occupancy rate slightly increased to 13.50%. A rise, albeit modest, but indicative of a building momentum.

– Evening Shows: The evening saw a minor spike with a 15.80% occupancy, perhaps showcasing that more viewers were opting for the film as their Saturday evening entertainment.

– Night Shows: The real increase became evident during the night shows, where the film saw an occupancy rate of 23.47%. This surge suggests that word-of-mouth and perhaps positive reviews started drawing more audiences to the theaters.

About Mission Raniganj

For those not in the know, Mission Raniganj is a film crafted under the visionary direction of Tinu Suresh Desai. Produced by the reputed Pooja Entertainment, the film promised to be a cinematic treat, given its robust production backing.

The Power-Packed Cast

A significant factor driving people to the theaters is the film’s ensemble cast. With the likes of Akshay Kumar and Parineeti Chopra in the lead roles, audiences were in for a riveting performance. Supported by seasoned actors like Ravi Kishan, Kumud Mishra, and Pawan Malhotra, the film’s cast is one of its strong selling points.

Though Mission Raniganj started off on a muted note, its second-day performance at the box office offers a glimmer of hope. The growing interest among the audience, coupled with the film’s strong cast and competent production team, indicates that Mission Raniganj might just be a slow starter.

-by Kashvi Gala

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