My life is more stable now that I am married :Arjun Bijlani

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22nd May 2023,Mumbai: Actor Arjun Bijlani reflects about his wife Neha Swami, who has been his strongest supporter throughout their ten years of marriage.

The old adage “there Is a woman behind every successful man” is best exemplified by Arjun Bijlani. The actor talks on how Swami has been a constant support in his life and has helped him grow both personally and professionally as he celebrates 10 years of his happy marriage to her. “My wife has been by my side through thick and thin these last few years. She is incredibly knowledgeable about my line of work. Because of job obligations, there were occasions when I wasn’t available, but she was still able to care for the house and my son Ayaan quite effectively”,says Arjun. The actor, who is in Dubai to celebrate the joyous event with his partner, describes her as the most kind and caring person he has ever met.

The two were romantically linked for a significant amount of time before saying “I do” on May 20, 2013, and their relationship has only gotten closer over time.

He reveals, “When I was feeling low due to professional reasons, she found out about it and helped me get out of it as well as uplift my mood,” when asked about that one special memory from days before he got married, which he believes laid the groundwork for their relationship. She has always been acutely aware of my composure, emotional state, and mental state. She prioritises her family, just like I do”, says Bijlani.

But have the two had problems in the past? The actor claims, “With the exception of the time management factor, my marriage has never experienced any problems. It has been a beautiful adventure, and we both realise that we need space”, he says.

The Ishq Mein Marjawan actor continues to discuss his opinions on marriage and how he sees it as a commitment built on trust and respect for one another’s private lives. You must set aside time for your partner, family, and friends, he continues. If you ever get into a disagreement, settle it as soon as possible rather than waiting till after. It must sound like “raat gayi baat gayi.” And that’s exactly what Bijlani has done to maintain the romance in their union and prevent arguments.

Even though he spends the majority of the year working, Bijlani believes that having a family is the most significant component of life. “While fame, fortune, and success are all important, maintaining a healthy balance between your personal and professional lives is necessary for being a good person. And as I reflect today, I can say that becoming married has given my life stability. “You gain a lot of maturity and experience when you love and grow with another person,” he tells us, noting how his kid also contributed to his overall development. “The birth of my kid Ayaan profoundly altered my life. Being a parent entails a lot of responsibilities, yet experiencing childhood with your child is an experience that can never be expressed.

After the first decade is through, what does he anticipate in the next? He responds, “Everything.” “It’s fantastic to feel the friendship, love, and understanding you do when you grow as a family. Once they find their ideal mate, I believe everyone should get married because marriage is a commitment for a lifetime. Although it’s true that our nation’s high expectations and lack of patience have contributed to the rising divorce rate, in my opinion, working on one’s marriage improves one’s character. Be sincere and lead a modest life. I think that being important is nice, but being kind is more crucial,” he concludes.

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