Nivedita Basu: Happiness for me is small joys

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7th February, Mumbai: Producer Nivedita Basu says that, for her, being happy is all about the little things in life. Her family, her work…these are the things that make her happy.

“Happiness, for me, is small joys. Like my kids bring me so much happiness, my family is happiness to me. My work is happiness. The people who make me happy, or my friends who think well of me, I think happiness is just like a term anything can make you happy. Eating a pizza outside can sometimes make you happy and a nice film can make you happy,” she says.

As far as making friends goes, Nivedita says that she is a very social person, but is guarded as well. “I think people feel that I am an extrovert, for many reasons, but nobody knows that I’m a very private person otherwise. My deepest, darkest secrets are only known to me. I don’t confide in anyone. My friends can tell you that I can strike up a conversation very easily. I don’t have any hangups. I think humility is something that I’m never going to let go of. You never know who the other person on the opposite side is going to turn out to be. So, I’ve always been humble and I’ve always been kind because you never know who you need when, how and where big or small. It has always been very easy for me to strike a conversation,” she says.

Meanwhile, she says that she has learnt how to handle her emotions well. “I think I have made myself a strong person. I don’t understand why people make themselves so weak and dependent on anyone else’s comments. So, for me, happiness is making myself strong so that nothing can affect me, my peers, and me in a way that I spoil my day,” she says.

However, mood swings are natural, she says, “I also have mood swings. When you’re at work, something doesn’t go your way, when you’re not home, something doesn’t go your way. But that doesn’t mean you swing it in such a way that the swing doesn’t come back. The whole idea of a mood swing is that it goes and comes back and goes and comes back. So why would you let it go so far that it doesn’t come back?”

The producer says that the never giving spirit has always helped her. “I think anyone who knows me, will know that I was a compassionate person from the time I started back in 1999 -2000. So, it just worries me when I see people weak. I see newcomers not having the persistence and perseverance to go through situations. I would want to go out and help them and make them mentally strong, not getting affected, and not giving up. So, I’ve been a compassionate person, if you say over the past three years, I’ve become more compassionate, I don’t think so. Because that is one thing I don’t ever let go of in my worst times and my best times,” she says.

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