Now a report card on BB 16 contestants: Rayya Labib to release Rayya Labib Bigg Boss 16 Report Card

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 Actor Rayya Labib who has featured in several entertainment projects, music videos and ad films over the last several years is a die-hard fan of the popular reality show Bigg Boss and never misses a single episode. She has watched all the footage, extra clips and promos of the show till date and analyzes each and every episode of the show minutely.

According to Rayya’s analysis of the episodes and participants so far and her rankings of the contestants, contestant Archana Gautam does not deserve to be in the Top 3. 

“Forget about being the winner, she is not even fit to be in the Top 5, according to my analysis,” Rayya said.

She feels that Sumbul and Nimrit are the most deserving, followed by Priyanka at the third spot. “Tina Datta was in fourth place on my list, but unfortunately she is out of the show,” Rayya said.

Rayya will officially release the Rayya Labib Bigg Boss 16 Report Card this weekend, after the evictions are announced by the host Farah Khan.  It will include a detailed analysis of each and every contestant and how they played the season 16 game.

“The report will include the rankings of the contestants and their Bigg Boss Net Worth or valuation and will be definitely worth a read,” she said.

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