On Halloween Day Watch This 6 Underrated Horror Movies

Bored To Watching Actions And Romance Movies, Watch This 6 Underrated Horror Movies On Spooky Halloween Season

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On Halloween Day Watch This 6 Underrated Horror Movies

28th October 2023, Mumbai : As we all know, Halloween Season is right around the corner. Every year we watch this actions and drama movie now on this season watch the Horror Movies and make this Halloween intresting.

You and your family bored to watch the Conjuring series every time here, 6 underrated horror movies you definitely watch on this season.

The Wailing

The Wailing movie was revolves around policeman who can investigate the killer.

Basically, this series is based on the mysterious killing in a Korean village in order to save a daughter.

In 2016 the film explores how to past catches up to modern society. This series streaming on Amazon prime vedio and YouTube also.

Lake Mungo

In that movie, the family has set up the camera in their house. It is actually a recorded movie and intresting to watch the mysterious house. This movie is also available on Amazon prime vedio and YouTube too.


Creepy movie is directed by japnese horror master Kiyoshi Kurosawa. Creepy revolves around the retired detective caught up in cold case about missing family. Well, in investigation process we see how the twist and turns at the end which unexpected and horrifying than the last. The name creepy is definately proper for its movie. You can watch Amazon Prime Vedio


Hush was available on Netflix. This movie was based on thriller. 2016 film shows the author who seeks to solace in isolate cabin only to confronted by a masked stranger at her door. The movie basically in on fear while the audience tenses with each sound she remains unaware.


This movie was centered around a young woman who becomes the target in whole series on Opera House.

His House

The 2020 His House film follows a couple who can find their past and it will haunting them. This house is mysterious and for exploring in complexity towards the whole journey through haunting house.

By Sojwal Gurav

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