Onir’s “Pine Cone” To Open Kashish Film Festival, Celebrating LGBTQ Love And Representation

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25th May 2023, Mumbai: Onir’s highly anticipated film “Pine Cone” is set to make its world premiere as the opening film at the renowned Kashish Film Festival, South Asia’s largest queer film festival. The festival, known for its commitment to showcasing diverse and authentic LGBTQ stories, will provide a platform for “Pine Cone” to celebrate love within the queer community and advocate for their accurate representation in cinema.

Directed by Onir, a prominent filmmaker who openly identifies as gay, “Pine Cone” promises to be a poignant exploration of love, relationships, and self-discovery. Onir has consistently pushed boundaries and strived for genuine portrayals of queer experiences, earning him recognition as a valuable voice in the industry.

The film revolves around the life of its protagonist, Sid Mehra, and presents three interconnected stories. Notably, “Pine Cone” stands out with its unique narrative structure, as the stories are told in reverse chronological order, spanning the years 2019, 2009, and 1999.

Onir shared his thoughts on the film, highlighting its personal significance and the challenges faced during its creation. He revealed that “Pine Cone” originated from his response to the rejection of a script inspired by a real story, which the Ministry of Defence did not approve. Determined to continue telling LGBTQ stories and overcome resistance to their identities, Onir embarked on the journey of creating “Pine Cone” in 2021. The film beautifully captures memories of love, loss, deceit, and forgiveness, while celebrating the rainbow journey of embracing oneself and the world.

The screening of “Pine Cone” will take place on the opening day of the Kashish Film Festival, scheduled for June 7, 2023. With its world premiere at this prestigious event, “Pine Cone” is poised to captivate audiences and contribute to the ongoing representation and recognition of LGBTQ voices in cinema.

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