Orry’s personalized “I love causing drama” t-shirt stole the show with its charming playfulness

Orry recently donned a T-shirt which said ‘I love Drama’. It is relevant to the recent Palak Tiwari controversy that he created.

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Reliance Industries Limited employs socialite and star kids’ best friend Orhan Awatramani as a special project manager. From Parsons School of Design, he received a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Communication Design degree. In addition to being an executive assistant, shopper, fashion designer, executive director, stylist, and singer, and composer, Orry also plays football occasionally. In addition, he receives payment for taking photos during events. Bollywood star kids are close friends of Orry’s, although he views them more as peers than as business associates. Orry was recently seen at the airport donning a  black coloured “I love creating Drama’ T-shirt which is very much evident in his personality as he recently was part of a big drama with Palak Tiwari.

Orry and Palak’s conflict

In only a few short hours, the drama between actor Palak Tiwari, the daughter of TV actress Shweta Tiwari, and socialite and internet celebrity Orry (Orhan Awatramani) has gotten more intense. A WhatsApp conversation between Palak and Orry was screenshotted, and on Tuesday, it went viral, sparking the conflict between the two of them. She was observed apologizing to him at this point, after which Orry gave him the middle finger emoji in return. Additionally, he uploaded a screenshot of their WhatsApp exchange to Instagram Stories before taking it down. Palak apologized in the conversation, and Sara Ali Khan’s name was mentioned as well. Orry made the communication public and was immediately attacked on social media for his conceit.

Reacting to the flak he’s been receiving after his chat with Palak went viral, Orry took to Reddit to respond to a query about what actually happened between him and Palak. He wrote, “Why is no one asking what she’s apologising for ..? Think about it ? Youl r (You’ll are) grilling me for not happily accepting her apology ? But she’s obviously apologising for smth (something) she did that was wrong.. wrong enough that a 3rd party had to get involved and make her see it correctly.”

He added, “Do you think 1) she would apologise 2) I would story it like that 3) others would tell her to apologise. If she was not very very very wrong in some action and crossed a line ? I have friends in all departments.. pls check my friend list it goes beyond the young generation actors.. and I have never ever behaved like this because I have never heard such nonsense from someone before.”

Strangely, this news comes at the same time as rumours surfaced claiming that Palak is dating Sara All Khan’s brother, Ibrahim All Khan. Photographers claimed to have seen the two come together for a New Year’s celebration. A video that has been making the rounds on social media shows Saif Ali Khan’s kid shielding his face from the cameras while Palak is seen sitting in the same vehicle.

By: Gursharan Kaur

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