Rabb Se Hai Dua actor Manuj Nagpal: It is great to play an opposite character of your personality

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Manuj Nagpal is seen as Iqbal in Rabb Se Hai Dua. The show is being produced by Prateek Sharma. The actor expresses his excitement about the fact that the drama has been getting an amazing response.
“The audience is loving the show and people are liking the look, feel, the royalness, and the rawness in the presentation. I am feeling great to be part of this wonderful journey,” he says.
While he enjoys playing Iqbal, Manuj shares that it’s hard to connect with this kind of character. He talks about the process.
“Generally in real life, we are not like this. Especially for me in person, I am bang opposite of Iqbal because I believe in humanity and I am more spiritual and caring. But being an actor, it is great to play an opposite character of your personality so I am happy doing this,” he continues, “Initially it was difficult because as it was a little larger-than-life part, but now gradually it’s much easier to get into the character and mood. All the creatives are amazingly working so hard. Director Yusuf Ansari, creative director Avhiroop Majumdar always discuss about my character that Iqbal should be like this and that along with  writer Zaheer Shaikh, who has written it beautifully.”
Ask if he is someone who takes his character home and Manuj replies, “Yes sometimes I do especially when I have heavy dialogues and fight scenes. After the shoot, at times I feel like I am still Iqbal, the brutal, heartless man on the earth and then slowly I get back to my original self. I meditate, eat healthy, go to the gym, sleep on time, and the moment I talk to my mom and family I am back to normal.”

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