Rayya Labib: “I was very certain that the court would deny Sheezan Khan’s bail request and that justice would be served for the late Tunisha,”

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Speaking to media persons in Mumbai on Friday evening, late Tv actor Tunisha Sharma’s friend, actor Rayya Labib said she was very sure that Sheezan Khan’s bail application would be rejected by the Vasai Sessions court. 
“In fact, I had made a video byte on Thursday explaining why the bail would be rejected, but it was somehow not released by my team,” she said, adding that the courts have ensured justice for Tunisha.

“The way Sheezan Khan’s family went about telling media persons that they had never heard about me and since I did not have any photos or selfies with Tunisha, I was just fibbing about knowing her, all this reeks of a certain amount of over confidence. They should have focussed on getting bail rather than commenting on things that they do not know off,” she stated.

“Now, they will have to file in the Bombay High court, a process that could take a minimum of 15 days, given the public holidays in between. It is possible that the court may refuse to grant relief till the charge sheet is filed. Prima facie, there seems to be some evidence of abetment and since the offence under Section 306 IPC carries a maximum sentence of 10 years and it is a Sessions triable case, the trial court (Vasai sessions court in this case) was very unlikely to grant bail. Further, Sheezan Khan’s lawyers made a mockery of the legal proceedings. They were more interested in their own publicity rather than in legal issues and points of law,” Rayya explained, adding that more details will be known when the detailed judgement is out.

“Sheezan Khan’s lawyers need some lessons on how not to lose a case. They should have never held a press conference, while the court was hearing their bail application. They held a press conference, the day they filed their bail application. This is like telling the court, we will go to the press and media with our grievances. This is like trying to influence the court and Sheezan Khan has to suffer in Thane jail because of the immaturity of his lawyers. I have publicly told his sisters to change their lawyers, but then it is their own family matter, and why should I interfere as they consider me to be inconsequential or of no value,” Rayya said.

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