Rayya Labib savagely criticises Uorfi Javed, saying, “This is what happens when you take saasta walla botox.”

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Within hours of Uorfi Javed posting an image of her highly inflamed and swollen face, her bete noire Rayya Labib hit out at her on social media saying… @uorfi_ #urfijaved #uorfijaved this is what happens when you use saasta walla #botox fillers, u get inflammation, swelling #botoxtreatment

Apparently, Uorfi claimed on Twitter that the redness and swelling was due to an allergy, but Rayya who was smart enough to immediately notice the problem said it was Botox treatment gone wrong.

“The swelling on Uorfi’s face is due to incorrect Botox treatment. It could be due to an allergy due to application of some cosmetics, but it is more likely that this is a botched botox job, using either expired materials and products or an inexperienced doctor. Either way when you use cheap treatment or cheap doctors, this is what happens,” Rayya said. 

She even went a step further saying Uorfi should have experimented with the botox on her butt or bust rather than her face. Even if there was any swelling, it would have benefitted her as her butt and bust would have looked bigger

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