Rayya Labib: super hit director wanted to see my breasts

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Actor Rayya Labib who has three films under her belt including Lakme, Dhiraj Kumar’s It’s Over with Aarya Babbar and one more, today revealed that she has been propositioned several times in the last few years and has been a victim of the casting couch.

“Yes, the casting couch exists. I too have been given offers. It is not a new thing. There are some who tell you directly to your face, while others will beat around the bush. There was this super hit director whom I had met a few years earlier who said he could consider me for one of his upcoming projects if I was ‘free’ with him. I asked him what he meant by ‘being free’ and he said to start with he wanted to see my breasts and asked me to take off my bra. The super hit director was recently seen on a popular reality show and everyone knows whom I am talking about. While I do not want to take any names, the casting couch exists and I have faced it many times,” Rayya said.

She was responding to Bigg Boss 16 contestant Ankit Gupta’s statements on the casting couch. “Ankit is right. The casting couch exists. Even male actors have to face it. But females are more affected. Some demand oral sex. Others want to see and touch. While others directly demand the entire package. Either way it is sexual harassment and it is very prevalent in every nook and corner, even in the corporate world,” Rayya explained.

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