Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Jawan’ Roars at the Box Office, Collects ₹6.80 Crore on Its 26th Day

"Total Earnings in India Reach Nearly ₹612 Crore as the Film's Remarkable Journey Continues"

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Shah Rukh Khan's 'Jawan' Roars at the Box Office, Collects ₹6.80 Crore on Its 26th Day
  • “Jawan" Earns ₹6.80 Crore on Its 26th Day of Release.
  • Directed by Atlee and Featuring a Star-Studded Cast
  • The Film's Earnings So Far Showcase Its Remarkable Box Office Journey.

3rd October 2023, Mumbai: On its 26th day, “Jawan” managed to earn a staggering ₹6.80 crore across all languages. This remarkable feat brings the total earnings for the film to nearly ₹612 crore in India. Directed by Atlee and featuring a star-studded cast including Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi, “Jawan” has been captivating audiences since its release on September 7.

Jawan Box Office Collection

The film’s journey at the box office has been nothing short of remarkable. In its first week, “Jawan” raked in ₹389.88 crore, with ₹347.98 crore from the Hindi version, ₹23.86 crore from Tamil, and ₹18.04 crore from Telugu audiences. Its second week was also impressive, with earnings of ₹136.1 crore (Hindi: ₹125.46 crore; Tamil: ₹4.17 crore; Telugu: ₹6.47 crore). Even in its third week, the film continued to perform well, amassing ₹55.92 crore (Hindi: ₹52.06 crore; Tamil: ₹1.45 crore; Telugu: ₹2.41 crore).

Jawan Bashes Records across languages

The film’s momentum didn’t wane as it entered its fourth week. On the 23rd day, it earned ₹5.05 crore (Hindi: ₹4.9 crore; Tamil: ₹5 lakh; Telugu: ₹1 lakh). Day 24 was even more impressive, with earnings of ₹8.5 crore (Hindi: ₹8.27 crore; Tamil: ₹8 lakh; Telugu: ₹15 lakh). On day 25, “Jawan” collected ₹9.37 crore (Hindi: ₹9.12 crore; Tamil: ₹10 lakh; Telugu: ₹15 lakh). The cumulative earnings for the film in India now stand at ₹611.62 crore.

Jawan Starcast

“Jawan” has been a grand cinematic spectacle, starring Shah Rukh Khan in a dual role as Vikram Rathore and his son Azad. The film also boasts a talented ensemble cast, including Nayanthara, Vijay Sethupathi, Sanjay Dutt, Deepika Padukone in cameo appearances, and others. It’s a powerful story that revolves around the emotional journey of a man determined to correct the wrongs in society.

Jawan’s Success

In celebration of the film’s incredible success, the makers hosted a press conference in Mumbai. Shah Rukh Khan expressed his excitement, saying, “It’s a celebration. We rarely get a chance to live with a film for years. The making of ‘Jawan’ has been going on for four years due to Covid and time constraints. There were a lot of people involved in this film, especially people from the South who came and settled in Mumbai and have been living in Mumbai for the last four years and working day and night for this film, which is the hardest work ever.”

“Jawan” continues to capture the hearts of audiences, and its box office journey is a testament to its incredible storytelling and star power.

By Yashika Desai

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