Siddharth Sengupta: “I never questioned his acting ability and thought he would enhance the character”

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Vaarun Bhagat has been the talk of the town for quite some time now. All thanks to his exceptional performances, charm, and, well, good looks! The actor has been gaining popularity each day. Following the release of his show, Aar Ya Paar, Vaarun shares a special message for the audience.

Actor Vaarun Bhagat who has worked in both ‘Undekhi’ and now ‘Aar Ya Paar’, expresses his joy and gratitude to have been a part of Siddharth Sengupta’s world twice. And now, while praising the actor for his performances, the captain of the ship says, “Vaarun had originally auditioned for Rinku way back in 2018 for Undekhi. Actually, he had auditioned twice for it.  Kavish, the casting director, had got him. He was excellent in the audition, but I was looking at something else for Rinku. Nevertheless, his audition had left a mark on me and stayed in my mind. Then came the part of Lucky in the same show, Undekhi, and he said he was ready to do it despite it being a smaller part of the two. I never doubted his potential as an actor and thought he would add to the character. and he did. He made Lucky stand out in the show. He made the character memorable with his sheer devotion.”

On choosing Vaarun again for Aar Ya Paar he says, “One is always on the lookout for associates who are yearning to explore more or learn more in their art; so when Aar ya Paar happened, I did not need to think twice before approaching him.”

Vaarun on working with Siddharth Sengupta says, “I had the opportunity to do something different in Aar Ya Paar, and I trusted Sidharth Sir, who is a brilliant writer and showrunner. It’s amazing to see the kind of response I am getting and the overall love the show has been receiving by the audience. I am so happy to be a part of this unique show and this unique experience.”

Vaarun further added, “I am extremely grateful to Sidharth Sir for this opportunity. And I hope the audience immerse themselves into the world of Aar Ya Paar”

Aar Ya Paar is the story of a tribal community, and the savior of his people, who fights for indigenous cultures threatened by external forces. Complete with intense action sequences, the series features an amazing cast and dialogue that sums up the movie’s crux. Vaarun Bhagat’s Aar Ya Paar is also on Hotstar’s Top 10 must-watch list.

Vaarun is known for his roles in ‘Undekhi’, ‘Inside Edge’, ‘Dulha Wanted’ and many more. Apart from acting he is also a trained boxer and can speak multiple languages.

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