Sneh Binny: My wife and I are a team! Us against the world!

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15th February, Mumbai: Entrepreneur Sneh Binny might not be the most romantic when it comes to Valentine’s Day, however, he sure knows how to make his wife feel special. He says that for the two of them, being on the same page and fighting together to win has been paramount.

“Definitely this generation’s attitude towards love and what it symbolises is different from previous generations. The reason being that a lot of things have changed from then and now. But one thing that my wife and I follow is – us against the problem! We are a team! And with that attitude, we can overcome any situation and challenge,” he says.

He adds, “To be honest, I don’t believe in Valentine’s Day. But yes, if you are there with the right partner, then everyday can be Valentine’s Day. I don’t have any plans as such for Valentine’s Day. I want to spend some time with my wife since we have been so busy lately.”

Ask him what love means to him, and he says, “Love is a feeling that makes you feel a lot of other things like respect, attraction, attachment, want, need. And for love to sustain, you need to have trust, loyalty, honesty, commitment towards each other.”  

While he has never been very expressive, Sneh says that you need to talk at times. “I am someone who is silent, but it also depends on the situations where you need to be expressive to your loved ones. Most humans have love in their life but when you aren’t loved the way you want to be loved, you feel there is a lack of love. We need to understand everybody has their own way to love us and we need to respect that,” he says.

The entertainment industry is always judged, and this might  be the reason that celebrities are not very expressive, he says, adding, “This could also be because the people in the entertainment industry are considered as idols, people look up to them and that’s why there is pressure and one is judged. Sometimes one cannot express how they feel because they fear being judged. But I feel it is important to acknowledge whatever you are feeling and share it with someone close to you.”

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