SRK is back with Pathaan! Here is how these celebrities feel the film will perform

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Ranndeep R Rai
Shah Rukh Khan is coming back after 4 years and it is not at all easy, as being a star he is not short of anything be it script or directors but again it is a tough decision to stay away from the big screen. But again, there must be some planning and that will work with Pathaan. It will break all records and will be a blockbuster hit. I am confident about the film. I wish Shah Rukh Sir all the best!

Saptrishi Ghosh
I am very happy that the year is starting with a big budget movie. I pray it does well at the Box Office. I’m hoping it ends the dry spell on the Hindi film industry. My best wishes to the whole team.

Dr. Akash Sharma
Shah Rukh Khan is a versatile actor and I really liked the trailer of this film. They have put together an impressive trailer, it is quite big. Shah Rukh Khan’s dark look is very attractive and also Deepika and John are looking great. I think this film will perform very well and once again Bollywood will be filled with enthusiasm.

Hitanshu Jinsi
SRK is a great source of inspiration. He has been entertaining us since decades. Pathaan has amazing songs. I wish Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham and team good luck for Pathaan. Along with Pathaan, there are many more movies coming up and I am sure Bollywood will flourish again very soon.

Aadesh Chaudhary
I am excited about the Pathaan release and I love Shah Rukh Khan as an actor and respect him. He put in a lot of hardwork in this movie. He does in every movie. I want this to be a hit and I feel it should revive Bollywood. I am being positive about it.

Amit Sarin
I know how eagerly all of us were waiting for his film Pathaan. There is a huge expectation and I know he will not disappoint us. The way people have liked the trailer, I am sure it will be a hit at the box office.. His dedication and passion for the craft has been always visible in all of his roles and this is no exception. He will make a historic comeback and opening. Personally, I love him as a person, and have always loved his work.

Ambuj Dixit
It’s like coming back home for him. I’m as excited as any fan of his will be. Pathaan release is nothing less than a festival in the theatres. Shah Rukh Khan has an insane fan following and this plethora of star power, amazing acting and an awaited comeback will definitely revive Bollywood.

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