Sumbul stands up for her father and asserts that you cannot stop loving someone.

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Sumbul Touqeer Khan might not come across as the outspoken one in the “Bigg Boss” house, but she is not one to keep quiet when it comes to her family. In the Thursday episode of the reality show, Sajid Khan asks Sumbul what she will do if her father (Touqeer Khan) likes a 22-year-old. This leaves Sumbul angry and she replies that she doesn’t want her father to get hurt.

Sumbul tells Sajid that she wants her father to get married again. But not to a 22-year-old girl because if her father falls for and she leaves him after some time, her father will be left hurt. She tells him once you love someone you cannot unlove them.

Sajid tries to drag the matter, but Sumbul gets really angry at him and does not get convinced even when he apologizes to her.

For the unversed, last year Sumbul had in fact said in an interview that she wants her father to get married again. However, her father had refused to do so as he didn’t know how the step-mother would treat them.

Sumbul taking a stand for her father and openly talking about his second marriage on national television is a big thing. And the way she handled the whole conversation shows that she is very mature. As kids we often forget what our parents have sacrificed for us, or that they might be lonely, but Sumbul speaking up on the issue that she wants her father to marry again shows that she remembers all that her father did for her and wants him to start a new life. She has set an example for all the girls and boys who feel that their parents marrying again or if their parents are doing something for themselves and thinking about themselves, is wrong and will be looked down upon by society. You go girl! We couldn’t be more proud of you

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