Sumbul Touqeer’s dance earns praise from Anil Kapoor, Farah Khan

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If there is someone in the industry who is known for his evergreen personality, it is none other than veteran actor Anil Kapoor. Recently, the actor visited the Bigg Boss house to promote his upcoming web series. While he was being introduced to the contestants, he immediately spotted actress Sumbul Touqeer and said that he had heard that she dances so well!

Well, Sumbul was asked to perform on a number right there and then, and she did an absolutely brilliant job. Now only did Anil praise her, but she also earned praise from the ace choreographer and filmmaker Farah Khan.

Meanwhile, she also got a nod of approval from musician Mika, when he entered the house to do a task with the inmates. He asked them to choose someone who they need to wake up in the house with a shock. Sumbul takes Priyanka’s name. Sumbul said Priyanka thinks she is weak because she cries. However, it’s not a sign of weakness. And we see Mika agreeing with Sumbul!

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