What kind of content are we going to see on Netflix in the coming years? Read to Know!

Prachi Payal
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Netflix continues to expand its collection of Indian-themed TV shows and films. Numerous brand-new Indian original films on the streaming service’s schedule will feature well-known Bollywood actors like Madhuri Dixit, Tabu, Anushka Sharma, and many others. These upcoming Indian originals, which range from thrillers to romantic comedies, reality shows to lighthearted dramas, will soon be available on Netflix. All of them are expected to launch on the platform in 2022, but some might not be accessible everywhere.

During the unveiling of ‘Monica O My Darling’ trailer, the Netflix India’s Content Managing Director was present. She was asked about the Future of Netlfix India to which she replied, “We’re pleased with darlings & Jogi’s achievement, which has blossomed not just in India but also internationally, and movies continue to be a crucial pillar to our content strategy in India.” When a journalist asked her about the upcoming projects. She continued, “I believe that Netflix is a home to a variety of films that people of all ages can enjoy, regardless of genre. The area is to keep bringing entertainment, unique films that are of the highest quality with some great makers and unique talent. Everybody can find something to enjoy on Netflix, and there is something for every mood. As time goes on, people will begin to identify with the characters in the movies they love and can identify with on a character- and relationship-level. A significant testament to this is the upcoming slate, which includes the inspirational Chakda Express biopic “Khufiya,” starring Anushka Sharma and directed by Vishal Bharadwaj. There is something for everyone because the options are varied, and the concept behind Netflix is that it can be used on good or bad days.”

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