“Will register a police report,” Rayya Labib says of Shiv Thakare’s remark about Priyanka being a “prostitute.”

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Taking a strong stand against personal abusive comments against women, activist and actor Rayya Labib slammed Bigg Boss 16 contestant Shiv Thakare for indirectly calling co-contestant Priyanka Chahar Choudhary a “call girl” or “prostitute” and demanded strict action from Bigg Boss.

“If no action is taken by Bigg Boss within 24 hours, I will file a police complaint. Male contestants cannot use such language against women, even though it may be a reality show. Because millions of youngsters and kids watch this show and they get influenced by such language. Kids repeat such statements in school and colleges, after getting influenced by watching such language on Tv. This is not an A-rated show, there are 12 and 13-year-olds watching, who understand the language, but are not old and mature enough to digest it,” Rayya said.

While Shiv and Priyanka never got along with each other and were always at loggerheads since the beginning, Shiv seems to have taken things a bit too far.

Recently, there was a fight between two groups when Bigg Boss decided to close two rooms and hence Priyanka went and took the room occupied by Shiv’s group also known as “Mandali”

During that fight, there were wild arguments between Shiv and Priyanka and as Priyanka was screaming, Shiv passed a comment saying “She is talking like those girls who stand near the signals”.

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