TIGP Models walk Paris Fashion Week 2023 where Dr.Swaroop & Dr.Akshata launch an exclusive Fashion Line ‘TIGP Couture and Fashion’

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TIGP Models walk Paris Fashion Week 2023 where Dr.Swaroop & Dr.Akshata launch an exclusive Fashion Line ‘TIGP Couture and Fashion’

15th October 2023,Mumbai: TIGP, founded in 2019 by the dynamic duo, Dr. Swaroop Puranik and Dr. Akshata Prabhu, embarked on an exciting journey to revolutionize the fashion industry. Their brainchild, The International Glamour Project (TIGP), has swiftly gained popularity, grabbing the attention of fashion enthusiasts and pageant aspirants worldwide. The talented pair kick-started their entry into the fashion industry by launching their label ‘TIGP Couture and Fashion’ during Paris Fashion Week which is a week long prestigious bi-annual event from 25th September 2023 to 1st October 2023 in 8th Arrondisement in heart of Paris. TIGP, already a name well-known for holding multiple international pageant licenses, including licenses for Mrs. Universe, Mrs. International, Ms. & Mrs. Earth pageant, Teen International World, Ms. International World & Ms.World Universal. Creating winners on the International platform has been the speciality of TIGP as they know the key ingredient for success which stems for the training provided for pageants and modelling at TIGP Training Institute based in Mumbai, India. Setting foot in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, for their debut collection speaks volumes about their aspirations and ambition.

With a clear vision of empowering women and providing them with platforms to become role models, TIGP has transcended the boundaries of conventional fashion. Driven by a passion to break stereotypes and promote diversity, their fashion line embodies the essence of inclusivity, making it accessible to women from all walks of life. The designs chosen by TIGP to launch of their fashion line during Paris Fashion Week were nothing short of a spectacle, as it showcased exquisite craftsmanship and attention to detail. The collection exuded an air of sophistication, with each piece carefully curated to reflect the individuality and elegance of the individual wearing them. The Interesting aspect of this launch was that 9 out of 15 models who walked the runway were first timers and were registered trainees of TIGP. Most of them come from varied backgrounds such as Dr.Florence Nalini from Chennai who is a Business woman and a mother of two, Shreshtha Sharma, a class 10th student from Pune, Padmavati Uttarwar from Karnataka who is a Phd, Krishna Saraj from Kerala who holds an MBA in Fashion, Chiranthana from Banagalore who is an aspiring medical student and Ryka Kulkarni, a 13 yr old from United Kingdom. This team of models was a blend of Teens, Miss and Mrs from Season 1 and Season 2 of The International Glamour Project trained under TIGP Training Institute. Along with them walked experienced models including Victoria Henley as seen in America’s Next Top Model, Hannah & Maddie from USA, Polina from Russia and Dr. Akshata Prabhu who is also the CEO of The International Glamour Project and a Professional Model since 2002.

What sets TIGP apart from its contemporaries is its commitment in selecting women who embody the spirit of empowerment and aspire to become role models. By giving these women a platform through their pageants and fashion weeks, the Managing Director, Dr. Swaroop Puranik conveys that TIGP aims to redefine beauty standards and celebrate the diverse forms of femininity. In a world where diversity and inclusivity are increasingly valued, TIGP stands at the forefront of this movement. It’s commitment to empowering women through fashion has struck a chord with audiences globally, offering a refreshing perspective on beauty and style. The season 1 of The International Glamour Project was judged by Bollywood actor & Miss Universe 2001 Runner up Celina Jailtly and Mrs World 2000 Aditi Govitrikar while Season 2 was judged by Bollywood Actor Minnisha Lamba and Indian Hockey player Yuvraj Walmiki. Dr. Swaroop Founder of The International Glamour Project, a graduate from Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (IIM-Calcutta) and Ex-Director of a prominent educational university is on a mission to take fashion education & personality development to the grassroots of India. Dr.Akshata Prabhu, co-founder is also a pediatric dental surgeon and supermodel from early 2000s who wants Indian women to bring fashion into their daily life. The founders derive inspiration from their daughter Mirka puranik who too walked the Runway at the paris fashion week.

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