5 best yoga positions for period pain

Prachi Payal
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Cramps during menstruation Ouch. The tell-tale sign that your period is on its way! As your uterus prepares to shed its lining, your body releases prostaglandins, a type of hormone that causes uterine muscles to contract. Our bodies are amazing, but period cramps can be extremely inconvenient. It’s critical to listen to your body during your period and give it what it needs.

Listed below are some of  preferred yoga poses for menstrual cramps. Try them in bed as you wake up to get the day started on the right foot. Don’t let a wet tampon string or a pillowy pad interrupt your flow while practising these soothing poses.

  • Supine Twist Pose
Supine Twist Pose

For this pose, lie flat on your back with your shoulder blades pressed against the mat. Then, bend your knee slowly, reach up with your opposing hand, and let your knee fall to the opposite side, creating a twist in your lower back and belly. Refrain from pulling too hard on your knee and putting too much pressure on your back. This posture can be performed over one or both knees. The twist in your belly wrings out your muscles as you let go, allowing for a good release.

  • Inverted Leg Pose
Inverted Leg Pose

Locate a wall, sit on the floor facing it, lay back, and raise your legs to form a 90-degree angle with your body. This pose is great for increasing circulation, decreasing blood pressure, and revitalising the nervous system. It basically refreshes and rests your mind, putting the ahhhh in asanas.

  • Corpse Pose
Corpse Pose

Easily lay on your back with your legs, hips, shoulders, and neck aligned, close your eyes, and breathe in slowly and deeply. Allow your feet to relax and fall slightly to the sides for a moment, and allow your mind to wander. Stay here for as long as you need to, then open your eyes, roll to your right side, and slowly return to a seated position.

  • Child’s Pose
Childs Pose

Begin by spreading your hands and knees slightly wider than shoulder width apart, and sink your backside back between your legs. This pose stretches your hips and lower back, which is especially beneficial for people who have achy lower back cramps during their periods. Take three or four deep breaths and remain for as long as you are comfortable. Slowly shift your weight from side to side to stretch out your side body.

  • Bound Angle Pose
Bound Angle Pose

Bring your legs toward your body as you exhale, your feet meeting in the middle. Modify the pose until it feels comfortable for your knees. Maintain a straight back and gradually bend forward. This is the reproductive organs’ power pose! It also helps your digestive system, which is important because stomach aches are a common symptom of PMS. For even more delightful relief, lie flat on your back and bring your legs in the same way you did for the Bound Angle Pose. This is a great way to stretch your abdominal and chest muscles.

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