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Within the generation of clicking photos first even before helping or to take a spoonfull of ice-cream, getting married without any pre-wedding photoshoot might turn into your reason for seperation even before tying the knot with your partner. However it does not matter in which field you are in with the help of reels everyone is bit familiar with their acting skills along with top-tier content and thanks to us for paying our bills to consume such content.

The lead role:

Dr. Abhishek, who is working on a contractual basis in a government hospital based at Karnataka’s, Chitradurga area were dismissed after seen performing surgery along side with his fiancee on a patient to click pictures as a theme for his pre-wedding photoshoot. Yes! You heard that right. Oh, wait! This is a staged one of course, anyway the mesmerizing concept is raising the bar so high that next theme will be making of nuclear bombs in the middle of mustard field.

The concept:

The incident, captured on video and circulated on social media, sparked outrage and taken approximately fast action via the Karnataka authorities and changed into sacked after wearing out this inside the confines of the operation theatre.

The video concluding with the “patient” sitting up and guffawing after the mock surgery. Following enormous criticism on-line Karnataka’s health Minister, Dinesh Gundu Rao, ordered Dr Abhishek’s instantaneous dismissal. He also added ‘’government hospitals are meant for serving the public, not for personal engagements” and declared his intolerance for such “indiscipline.’’

“A doctor who conducted a pre-wedding shoot in the operation theater of Bharamasagar Government Hospital in Chitradurga has been dismissed from service. Government hospitals exist for the health care of people and not for personal work. I cannot tolerate such indiscipline from doctors,” the minister wrote in a tweet.

The Minister additionally mentioned all of the government employees have to keep adhere to the strict guidelines as issued with the aid of the authorities on the premises,, I have already instructed all the concerned department that reputation of such behaviour is strictly prohibited from further. “Everyone should focus on performing the duty, knowing that the facilities provided by the government to the government hospitals are for the health care of the common people,” he added.

-Subhangee Mandal

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