Fired for Medical Emergency: Diabetic Employee’s Story Viral on Social Media

The diabetic patient was fired for a medical emergency, internet asked to sue the boss.

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Woman Shared Experience on Social Media

A diabetic woman shared her experience on Reddit, claiming that she was fired after a medical emergency. The employee, known as “Hellokittypityparty,” posted screenshots of her chat with her boss to support her story.

High Blood Sugar Leads to Time Off

The woman explained that she had to take time off work because her blood sugar levels were dangerously high. However, her boss sent her a message saying that the training “didn’t think that training would work out” for her. The boss also mentioned packing and sending the woman’s belongings to her home.

Reaction to Boss’s Message

Shocked by the text, the woman replied with a long message. She wrote, “I didn’t realise that a dangerous night of blood sugars so high they could’ve put me in a hospital bed would be the end of working there, so yeah, I guess training is a no-go, but I won’t pretend to appreciate the gesture of dropping off my things as I think it’s quite likely that you simply can’t face the gross decision of firing somebody over a medical emergency, let alone look me in the eye afterwards.”

Offer to Provide Doctor’s Note

The woman stated she could have provided a doctor’s note if needed. She added, “If you had requested, I could have supplied a doctor’s note, or even just sent photos of my glucose readings if my state of health was simply too unbelievable for you to process. It’s rather sad that you guys were so kind for such a short period; a mask typically is capable of lasting longer, especially since I wasn’t even on the schedule today; I volunteered to come in and then happened to have an emergency.”

Reaction on Social Media

The post went viral, and many users were shocked by the employer’s insensitive and rude behaviour. Some urged the woman to take legal action.

One user wrote, “As a diabetic on insulin myself, I would sue her a**. Diabetics are a protected group under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).”

Another commented, “Unsurprising but unacceptable. Really doesn’t matter if you’re on your death bed, companies could care less about anyone but their bottom line.”

A third user said, “As a type one as well, I would immediately be in touch with a law firm. They fired you over a disability.” the comment box was flooded with supportive comments asking to sue her boss and take legal actions against the boss.

-Prisha Jaiswal

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