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He Takes Us on a Journey to Explore Wellness and Fitness Habits in ‘Well Traveled Feeling Good in LA  (Attention India)

Gautam Kapur is a multi-faceted personality who has established himself as a successful entrepreneur in the wellness space. Being in showbiz is nothing new as he has endorsed major brands being one of India’s top models, His company is foraying into the entertainment industry, and already has two under production projects under his brand “Be Conscious,” in association with Omagination Pictures Hollywood.

The first project, “Well Traveled Feeling Good in LA,” is a travel show that takes viewers on a journey to explore the wellness and fitness habits of celebrities and ordinary people in cities around the world. Starting with Los Angeles, Gautam Kapur leads the way as he takes viewers on an exciting tour of local cultures, diverse cuisines, and the various wellness practices that make each city unique.

The other project, “How Much Do You Want To Know,” is a dramatic fiction series that delves into the interconnectedness of our lives. Gautam Kapur is a fitness and wellness expert, and he brings his knowledge and passion for healthy living to each episode of the show. He has over 900,000 followers on Instagram (@gautam_kapur), and his presence on the show adds a personal touch as he shares his own experiences and tips for staying healthy on the go.

The show’s co-producers, Washington and Sadarangani, are thrilled to be collaborating with Gautam Kapur on this project. They say, “During the pandemic, we became more focused on staying healthier. 

We talked about this with Gautam, who has exceptional knowledge of food and fitness. Gautam also wanted to do a show around his brand, Be Conscious, and since we all love to travel, we combined healthy living with exploring what’s unique in each city and country and the conversations we tend to have with others on our travels.” 

With Gautam Kapur as the host, “Well Traveled Feeling Good in LA” is set to be an engaging and educational journey that showcases the diverse and dynamic world of wellness and fitness. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a traveler, or simply interested in healthy living, this show is guaranteed to inspire and inform. How Much Do You Want To Know is also  a must-see for fans of gripping drama and nuanced storytelling.

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