Psoriasis Survivor Turned Scientist Develops Game-Changing Treatment!

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18th August 2023, Mumbai: Embarking on a Journey to Recovery

Developing a drug for an incurable disease is a remarkable achievement in itself, but it’s even rarer to witness the inventor benefiting from their own creation and embarking on a journey to recovery. Struggling with psoriasis since his teens, Ryan Moslin at the age of 43 is on cloud 9 seeing his psoriatic lesions getting better and the symptoms becoming more manageable.

The Long-standing Battle: From High School to Adulthood

The autoimmune disease affected him from the time when he was in high school, and the struggle continued throughout his growing up years as the rashes progressed from the scalp to other areas of his body like the torso and legs. However, what makes his journey unique is that he intensified his battle with the disease by helping invent a drug to treat it, and now millions of people suffering from this incurable disease may benefit from this new drug.

A Personal Connection: Marriage and Resilience

“I’ve had psoriasis for so long now that I don’t know what it would be like not to live with the manifestations,” he said. Moslin’s personal connection to the disease was evident when he took steroid injections for the nail on his ring finger to ensure that the symbol of his marriage wouldn’t remind him of psoriasis. His journey was filled with small victories like this, but the desire for more effective treatment fueled his determination.

From Chemistry Studies to Drug Synthesis

Moslin’s journey took him from a high school student dealing with psoriasis to a chemistry enthusiast. He studied chemistry in college, completed postdoctoral research at MIT, and joined pharmaceutical company Bristol-Myers Squibb in 2010 as a senior research scientist. Collaborating with fellow scientists, he played a pivotal role in creating and testing over 6,000 molecules before synthesizing the groundbreaking drug, Sotyktu, in 2013.

A Revolutionary Treatment: Sotyktu’s Approval

Sotyktu received approval from the Food and Drug Administration for the treatment of psoriasis last September. Once the approvals were in, Moslin’s doctor prescribed the drug to him, marking a turning point in his journey to recovery. Witnessing the shrinking of his lesions and the cessation of flaring and itching, Moslin realized the significance of his creation.

A Unique Perspective: Patient and Researcher

Ryan Moslin has a unique perspective as both a patient and a researcher. He understands the struggles of those living with psoriasis firsthand and is driven to make a positive impact on their lives through his research. He acknowledges the patience of patients and expresses his commitment to delivering transformative medicines that can improve their quality of life.

Understanding Psoriasis and Sotyktu’s Role

The Psoriasis Enigma: A Skin Condition Unveiled

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition characterized by the buildup of skin cells, leading to the formation of scales and itchy, dry patches. This condition primarily manifests as rashes on the skin, and it can also affect nails and joints, causing significant discomfort and distress to those affected.

Targeting the Source: How Sotyktu Works

Sotyktu, a breakthrough oral treatment, offers hope to adults with moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis. Administered once daily, Sotyktu contains deucravacitinib, an oral medication that has demonstrated superior efficacy to existing treatments in clinical trials. By selectively inhibiting TYK2, a protein found in immune cells and central to the development of psoriasis, Sotyktu tackles the root cause of the condition.

A New Dawn for Psoriasis Treatment

The introduction of deucravacitinib as a treatment option is a significant advancement in the field of psoriasis management. Not only does it provide potent therapeutic effects, but it also boasts minimal side effects. Importantly, the successful clinical trials have indicated that routine laboratory tests during therapy may not be necessary, relieving patients of additional burdens during their treatment journey.

In the inspiring story of Ryan Moslin, we witness the convergence of personal struggle, scientific pursuit, and medical innovation. His dedication to battling psoriasis, both as a patient and a researcher, has led to the creation of a groundbreaking treatment that offers hope to countless individuals grappling with the challenges of an incurable disease. As Sotyktu ushers in a new era of psoriasis management, it stands as a testament to the power of perseverance, scientific ingenuity, and the unwavering determination to transform lives.

-by Kashvi Gala

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