Delhi International Airport Prepares to Host G20 Summit Delegates

Delhi Airport Gears Up for G20 Summit Delegates

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  • Dedicated Gates and Corridor
  • Ample Parking for VVIP Aircraft
  • Collaboration with Government Departments

7 September 2023, Mumbai: Delhi International Airport, India’s largest airport, is gearing up for a significant challenge as it prepares to welcome delegates for the G20 Summit. India is hosting the G20 Summit in Delhi on September 9 and 10. The Delhi Airport operator, Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL), has outlined comprehensive plans to ensure the smooth arrival and departure of G20 delegates, including dedicated gates and corridors for seamless immigration clearance.

Dedicated Gates and Corridors for Delegates

DIAL is leaving no stone unturned to guarantee the operational readiness of India’s busiest airport ahead of the G20 Summit. The airport will have dedicated gates and corridors specifically designed to facilitate swift immigration clearance for G20 delegates. A team of senior officials will closely monitor all operations related to the summit, ensuring that everything proceeds smoothly.

Parking Facilities for VVIP Aircraft

Addressing concerns regarding parking facilities for VVIP aircraft, the CEO of DIAL reassured that there are an ample number of parking slots available for these specialized aircraft. Most of the summit’s guests are expected to arrive via chartered or VIP flights. DIAL CEO Videh Kumar Jaipuriar emphasized that special arrangements have been made to accommodate these dignitaries both at Air Force Station and Terminal-3.

Special Arrangements for G20 Delegates

DIAL has gone to great lengths to make special arrangements for the comfort and convenience of G20 delegates. The airport will offer dedicated gates and corridors to expedite immigration and customs procedures for the delegates. Importantly, these arrangements will not cause any inconvenience to regular passengers traveling through the airport during the summit.

Collaboration with Government Departments

DIAL is working in close collaboration with various government departments, including the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA), the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), and the Delhi Government, to provide the necessary support and facilities for the summit’s guests. This includes arrangements for parking VVIP aircraft on the airside, coordinated with agencies like Delhi Police and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security.

Traffic Advisory

With the summit expected to cause some disruptions to city-side traffic, DIAL advises travelers using Delhi Airport to consider using the metro for transportation to and from the airport instead of cars or taxis. This will help minimize traffic-related inconveniences during the event.

Flight Cancellations and Preparations

DIAL had previously announced that airlines had requested the cancellation of 80 departing and arriving domestic flights during the three days from September 8 in connection with the G20 Summit. These cancellations are part of the airport’s preparations to accommodate the summit’s operational requirements.Delhi International Airport’s meticulous planning and cooperation with various stakeholders reflect its commitment to ensuring a seamless and successful G20 Summit, while also prioritizing the convenience of regular travelers.

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