India and the United States Strengthen Bilateral Partnership with Speedy Agreements and Shared Vision

"Modi-Biden Meeting Focuses on Trade Resolution, Defense Ties, and Global Cooperation"

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  • India and US Resolve WTO Dispute Amicably
  • GE Jet Engine Deal and Predator Drones in Progress
  • Collaboration in Telecom, Semiconductors

9 September 2023, Mumbai: In their second bilateral meeting in just three months, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and US President Joe Biden celebrated the strong and enduring partnership between their nations. Their discussions focused on reinforcing their multifaceted global agenda based on trust and mutual understanding.

India’s request for MQ-9B Predator drones.

One of the significant outcomes of their meeting was the resolution of the remaining trade dispute between the two countries at the World Trade Organization, indicating their commitment to resolving issues through diplomatic means. The leaders also strengthened defense ties by progressing with the GE jet engine deal and India’s request for MQ-9B Predator drones. Their cooperation extended to critical and emerging technologies, emphasizing areas like telecom networks, semiconductors, and space.

Prime Minister Modi invited President Biden to the Quad summit

In the zone of health and education, specific new initiatives were announced, showcasing a commitment to collaboration in these vital sectors. Prime Minister Modi invited President Biden to the Quad summit in India the following year, possibly as the chief guest for Republic Day, underscoring the importance of their regional engagement. The joint statement issued after the meeting highlighted the speed of implementing agreements and the new benchmarks set for their future collaborations. The candid and trust-based conversation between the leaders demonstrated the strength of their partnership.

decarbonization of India’s transport sector.

On the global stage, the leaders expressed support for the Quad and the principles of a free, open, inclusive, and resilient Indo-Pacific. This signaled a willingness to work together to address common challenges and advance shared interests in the region. In the energy and climate arena, they welcomed the India-US Renewable Energy Technologies Action Platform, fostering collaboration on renewable energy technologies and policy planning. They also committed to supporting the decarbonization of India’s transport sector.

India-US Cancer Dialogue

The leaders emphasized their cooperation in cancer research, prevention, control, and management, with plans to launch the India-US Cancer Dialogue and hold the US-India Health Dialogue. This substantial bilateral document, issued on the sidelines of a major multilateral summit, demonstrated the consistency and commitment of both countries to strengthening their relationship across various domains. The speedy implementation of agreements and their shared vision for the future underscored the enduring partnership between India and the United States.

By Yashika Desai

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