Modi’s Diplomatic Triumph: Democratizing Diplomacy with G20

Engaging the Masses in Diplomacy

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  • Modi's groundbreaking G20 diplomacy."
  • Inclusivity through 'Mann Ki Baat.'
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6 September 2023, Mumbai: In a remarkable feat of diplomacy, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has redefined India’s global engagement strategy through his innovative approach to the G20 summit. Through an astounding series of 220 meetings, spanning 60 cities and reaching out to 15 crore (150 million) people, Modi has introduced a novel dimension to diplomatic efforts.

The ‘Mann Ki Baat’ Diplomacy

One of Modi’s key strategies involved taking the G20 agenda directly to the masses. Through his popular radio program, “Mann Ki Baat,” he engaged with the public, discussing the G20’s goals and soliciting their valuable input and suggestions. This inclusive approach ensured that the concerns and aspirations of the people were at the forefront of India’s G20 participation.Global Diplomacy on a Local Scale:Modi’s approach went beyond traditional diplomatic circles. He conducted an astounding 220 meetings with diverse stakeholders, spanning various cities across India. This decentralized approach allowed him to engage with a broader cross-section of society and tap into the rich diversity of India’s population.

Engaging with Civil Society

Civil society played a crucial role in this new diplomatic paradigm. From academics to farmers, entrepreneurs to students, Modi held discussions with representatives from various sectors. This multifaceted engagement facilitated a deeper understanding of the challenges and opportunities India faces on the global stage.

Digital Diplomacy and Innovation

Leveraging technology was another hallmark of Modi’s approach. With virtual interactions and webinars, he ensured that a wider audience could participate in the diplomatic discourse. This innovation extended the reach of India’s diplomatic efforts beyond geographical boundaries.

A Diplomatic Triumph

Prime Minister Modi’s novel approach to the G20 summit reflects his commitment to making diplomacy more inclusive and participatory. By democratizing the diplomatic process, he not only engaged with a diverse range of stakeholders but also ensured that India’s global priorities resonated with the aspirations of its people.

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