Actress Charrul Malik and Kate Sharma share there Lohri memories

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Charrul Malik
My best Lohri memories are from Chandigarh where this festival is celebrated with fun and joy. We used to sing Lohri songs and being kids we used to go to people’s homes and used to ask for Lohri. People used to give us popcorn and money. We have enjoyed this festival a lot. This year there are no plans as such. We will dance to Punjabi songs, eat popcorn, til revdi, and gajak. Lohri is celebrated in our building. The significance of this festival is all about new crops, new season and new year. It’s the beginning of festivities.

Kate Sharma
Being a sindhi girl, Lohri festival is always special. I remember me and my nani always celebrating Lohri with the best memories. Though now she is not there , I miss her a lot. In the night we used to light the big bonfire to kill all the negativity from the universe and bring prosperity in our lives. Bonfire represents Lord Agni. Everyone prays to Lord Agni to bring abundance and positivity. Also we used to cook special food like besan ki tikki, lola, sarson da saag etc to celebrate the festival. It’s all about bringing harmony ,peace and joy into our lives.

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