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15th September 2023, Mumbai: Alina Kazi, an emerging Indian-origin actress living in New York City, who even though started working at the age of 16, fell in love with acting when she was around 4.

The roots of her passion for acting lay deep in her childhood. As a young girl growing up in Mumbai, India, Alina sat next to her loving father, watching films. Her father introduced her to films at an early age, having shown her the great films of Bollywood, to the Hollywood classics. Alina gained extensive insight into films thanks to her adoring father, who she cites as an influential figure in her life.

Alina’s horizon in an artistic space goes beyond acting. She loves dancing and aspires to be a filmmaker. She is a professionally trained dancer, specializing in Hip-Hop & Contemporary and choreographed multiple pieces with conceptualized stories.

She went on to direct, write & produce a short film, ‘In The Ordinary’ where she also starred alongside Amit Barnathan. Shot on a minimal budget, with few resources to spare, she pulled off the most difficult part of the filmmaking process: shooting the film. With careful planning, strict budgeting, and a fierce determination, Alina Kazi was able to do just well. Her film is now being reviewed in upcoming film festivals in India, NY & LA.

Alina believes in understanding human behavior, and through observing life, she wants to reflect that in her work through different characters and stories.

At the core of Alina’s artistic vision is her deep desire to make a difference. Acting, for her, is not just a profession but a pathway to connect with audiences, tell compelling stories, and ignite meaningful conversations. With showcases like ‘Katha’, which depicted empowering Indian stories, and ‘Is My Microphone On?’, an urgent & lyrical play that centers on the global climate emergency, shows her strong start towards action.

As she forges ahead on her artistic journey, Alina envisions a future where her representation contributes to a change. Whether through thought-provoking theatre performances, impactful films, or her advocacy for causes she believes in, she is determined to make an impact as a South Asian actress.

Alina Kazi is an emerging talent with a burning passion for her craft. Her journey is characterized by continuous learning, dedication, and a spirited approach to her work. As she evolves as an artist, her unique perspective promises to inspire and captivate audiences, positioning her as a rising figure in the world of entertainment.

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