Anu Aggarwal on National Tourism Day: “I adore spending time in the Himalayas.”

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On January 25, we celebrate National Tourism Day. Anu Aggarwal, an actor-turned-humanitarian and yoga instructor, spoke at the event, saying that while she has been all over the world, locations like Dharamshala and McLeodganj are particularly dear to her heart.

“I have had the opportunity to travel a lot globally through modelling and then shooting. I have many favourites, but Bali and Indonesia are my favourites because of the spiritual atmosphere that abounds there. When it comes to India, I enjoy seeing the Himalayas. Meditation led her to places like Kutch, Dharamshala, and McLeodganj, where she lived and learnt to meditate, as well as the nature of the human mind and how to manage it to get the most out of life,” she explained.

While she feels that travelling and experiencing various places is valuable, she admitted that her favourite spot is now her thoughts.

“Travelling to different countries widens your head and is wonderful for getting knowledge about different cultures and their lives. I enjoy eating and cooking, so learning about diverse cuisines and culinary traditions is fascinating to me. Each area you visit is fantastic and gives a lot to learn, but my favorite place right now is my own head. I travel within myself, looking at my ideas with a clear, non-judgmental open mind, and the results are astounding. “My healing occurred as a result of this mind trip,” Anu concluded.

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