Banks Will Remain Close For 15-Days In November 2023

All The banking services will be off for 15 days in November Due to Diwali and Several other festivals lined up in the coming month

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28th October 2203,Mumbai: Banks across India will remain closed for a total of 15 days during the upcoming month of November. This temporary closure in banking services is primarily due to the celebration of Diwali, Chhath, Govardhan Puja, and Bhai Dooj.

“Bank Holidays in India: What You Need to Know for November 2023”

The banking sector is gearing up for an extended break as banks are set to be shuttered from November 1 to November 4, marking the festival of lights, Diwali. Following this, another closure period from November 8 to November 10 will occur, coinciding with the celebration of Chhath, an important regional festival.

Banks will also remain closed on November 14, as devotees commemorate Govardhan Puja, and on November 16, to honor the bond between brothers and sisters during Bhaiya Dooj.

However, it’s important to note that these bank holidays may vary depending on the state and region, and the dates mentioned are tentative for most parts of India. Customers are advised to check with their respective banks for specific holiday schedules and any regional variations.

“Digital Access During Bank Holidays”

During these holidays, banking services may not be available in physical branches. Nonetheless, customers can still access their accounts through alternative means such as online banking, mobile banking, and ATMs. It’s worth mentioning that transactions made during these days might experience slight delays and could be processed on the next working day.

In Conclusion,

As India gears up for a month filled with festivities and celebrations, citizens are encouraged to plan their financial activities accordingly, taking into consideration these anticipated bank closures. This comprehensive break in banking services aims to allow everyone to fully immerse themselves in the spirit of the season, while still maintaining essential access to their finances through digital platforms.

By Harsh Rathod

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