Bond Cam Revolutionizes Cricket Umpiring: Praneeth Arnepalli’s Innovation Takes Centre Stage

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26th October 2023, Mumbai: When it comes to cricket, the beauty of the game lies not just in the swaying willows or the bowler’s dexterity but also in the precise and timely decisions made by the on-field umpires. Often, the outcome of a nail-biting match hinges on an umpire’s judgment. However, with the introduction of Bond Cam, a groundbreaking invention by US-based innovator Praneeth Arnepalli, the face of cricket umpiring is poised for a transformative change.

The Bond Cam, aptly named to signify its steadfast reliability, is a portable camera device that can seamlessly be placed behind the cricket pitch’s middle stump. This strategic positioning allows the device to capture and live-stream high-definition video footage of the match directly to the cloud. As cricket aficionados worldwide know, many of the game’s critical moments revolve around the stumps, making this vantage point invaluable.

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