Booktainment: Revolutionizing Entertainment with Author-Publisher Collaboration

Bridging the Gap, Empowering Creativity, and Unlocking Opportunities

Nidhi Mishra
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  • Empowering authors and publishing houses through collaboration
  • Streamlining the pitching process for authors to reach producers
  • Connecting content creators with influential buyers for wider exposure

4th July 2023,Mumbai: Booktainment, the brainchild of Parag Agarwal, an architect turned entrepreneur, is poised to disrupt the literature and entertainment industry. With a decade of publishing experience and an impressive portfolio of over 1,000 published titles, Booktainment now enters the entertainment landscape, bridging the gap between publishers, authors, screenwriters, production houses, producers, studios, and OTTs. This innovative platform brings together esteemed publishers, talented screenwriters, accomplished authors, and curated stories, propelling them into the realms of OTTs and the film industry.

The Struggle for Authors: A Need for Change

Authors and publishing houses have long grappled with the challenges of reaching out to producers and lacking awareness of the pitching process. Many talented authors faced emotional struggles trying to connect with producers while remaining oblivious to the intricacies of pitching. This struggle and the need for a solution inspired Parag Agarwal to build Booktainment. This platform not only empowers authors but also celebrates the importance of intellectual property rights, providing authors with confidence in their content. Now, they can see their stories reach the silver screens and OTTs.

Entering the Vast Entertainment Market

The entertainment industry presents an enormous market for content sellers, estimated at a staggering 800 Cr INR. With its robust network and comprehensive offerings, Booktainment is well-positioned to tap into this vast market. By connecting content creators with potential buyers, Booktainment offers a platform where authors and publishing houses can showcase their exceptional work and reach a broader audience through films and web series. This opens up new avenues for success and growth in an increasingly competitive industry.

Milestones and Success Stories

Booktainment has already achieved remarkable milestones, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the industry. Notably, the platform has successfully negotiated rights for three books, resulting in significant financial returns for the authors and publishing houses involved. These success stories exemplify how Booktainment empowers authors and screenwriter publishers by effectively pitching their books to film producers and production houses.

Onboarding Prominent Buyers

Booktainment has captured the attention of more than 50 potential buyers, including industry giants like Red Chillies Entertainment, Jio Studios, Suresh Productions, MX Player, Viacom 18 Studio, Pocket Films, LotPot Films, and Stage. In addition, over 25 established directors are associated with Booktainment, reviewing the loglines and synopses of listed books. Authors seeking a book adaptation platform can now sign up with Booktainment, list their content free of cost, and effortlessly reach out to producers. These partnerships provide authors and publishing houses with unparalleled opportunities to showcase their work and secure lucrative deals. By connecting content creators with influential buyers, Booktainment accelerates the growth and visibility of talented authors, ensuring their stories reach a wider audience.

A New Era for Authors and Publishing Houses

With Booktainment, authors and publishing houses can finally break free from the shackles of undervalued work and limited exposure. This innovative platform not only provides a stage to showcase their creativity but also prioritizes the pitching process and reaching out to producers. Booktainment ensures that authors understand the pitching process, how to pitch, whom to pitch to, and when to pitch. A proper process and framework designed by Booktainment ease the authorship experience, enabling authors to receive fair compensation for their intellectual property. When their creativity reaches the film industry, it is valued and respected.

Booktainment’s entry into the entertainment industry marks a significant milestone for authors, publishing houses, and the industry as a whole. Led by Parag Agarwal, this platform transforms the landscape by empowering content creators, streamlining pitching processes, and facilitating connections with producers. Through Booktainment, authors and publishing houses now have the opportunity to gain fair recognition, unlock their true potential, and shape the future of storytelling.

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