Find out why Amit Sarin feels The Last Film Show should win an Oscar this year

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Actor Amit Sarin, who resides in USA now, recently had the opportunity to watch the film The Last Film Show which also has got the Oscar nomination this year. He was invited to witness the magic of the film. Amit is so thrilled with the film that he is not getting tired while talking about the film. He says, ”It’s a masterpiece. Beautiful and simple storytelling yet so powerful. It reminded me of my own journey of coming from a small town and settling in metros. For me, The Last Film Show highlights how dreams are cultivated and how they must be supported to be realised one day.” 

Amit also shares his equation with the director of the film Pan Nalin. He adds, ”Knowing Pan as a friend, I can tell you this is his autobiographical journey. His childhood was so brilliantly depicted by child actor Bhavin Rabari, and look how far Pan has come today. He is so close to winning an Oscar for our country. It only reiterates that each and everyone must have a dream and pursue it. What I liked most about the film is how brilliantly the story told of a 9-year old Samay, set in the rural area has been captured by the cinematographer. The filmmakers did this to bring out the finest nuances, to transcend us, the audience, to the world of a dreamer and lover of cinema,. Many frames in the film are reminding me of legendary storyteller Satyajit Ray. 

I can never forget the apt background score to support the narrative. I have high hopes that the film should win Oscar.” 

Speaking about his take on the talented Bhavin, he further adds,”Bhavin is a raw bundle of energy, hilarious, yet truly authentic and majestic. We had fun together taking about his journey from a small town to LA.”

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