Hansa Singh: It’s important to get rid of the idea that only one gender is capable of performing a task.

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This National Girl Child Day, actress Hansa Singh says that while we might talk big about bringing about equality between genders and saving the girl child, there needs to be action as well. The actress says that we still have a long way to go.

“A lot has been said, a lot has been done and a lot has been written but then I fail to understand why females are still suffering. We can’t say this is happening only in our country because one has to be globally aware as well. When I see around the world, different countries are suffering and still fighting for basic rights. Compared to other countries, we are getting better but yet not there. We just say that we are equal but it’s only words on paper, it’s not in actuality,” she says.

She adds, “We are still objectified, we are still a thing of entertainment, we are not looked up for brains. Firstly, what is important is the education of boys and girls at home because that’s where the basic manners to treat humans comes from. Women can teach, fathers can teach and mothers can teach. The thought that something only a single gender can do, should be abolished from everyone’s mind. The concrete change in a child’s growth is main and if that is changed, it’s a radical change in the society. We will be seeing a mature teenager. Where they will respect women, and believe in equality.”

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