Redevelopment Bazaar to Streamline redevelopment and self REDEVELOPMENT housing projects in Maharashtra.CEO RAVI ALAT ANNOUCES

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14th September 2023, Mumbai: Redevelopment Bazaar is set to revolutionize the process of redevelopment and self-redevelopment of old buildings and societies in Maharashtra. According to the founder and CEO, Mr. Ravi Alat, the platform will introduce features from the first week of October 2023, making the entire process seamless and accessible through your phone.

This will not only benefit societies but also builders and project management consultants (PMC). The services provided by Redevelopment Bazaar will be completely free for builders and societies. Additionally, users will have the ability to track their redevelopment status and register complaints and queries online. More information about the portal and its features will be announced soon in a housing seminar, although the date for the seminar has not yet been declared.

Housing societies can also apply for Deemed conveyance, conveyance property card, society registrations in redevelopment Bazaar website.
official website of Redevelopment Bazaar,

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