Hrishi Ahirwar, entrepreneur & founder of Sorriso Kitchen

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Hrishi says

By definition, a food or culinary entrepreneur is simply someone who starts their own business in the food or culinary industry. It could be someone who creates the next meal kit for a specialty diet (for example, vegetarian keto meals), someone who purchases a food truck and launches their own small food business, or someone who opens their own catering company. Delivery is becoming more common as people get busier and busier. Whether you choose to offer delivery of your own product (such as with a delivery pizza restaurant) or team up with other local businesses to get food from one place to another, delivery is a sector of the food industry that only has room to grow. Hrishi Ahirwar owns sorriso Kitchen & sorriso gourmet catering they known for there lavish buffet and pizzas

Soon Hrishi is coming up with new brands in DELHI NCR.

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