It’s a safe space for women and a great conversation starter: Mitu admires Tarun Katial’s vision for COTO

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Mitu, who is a filmmaker, producer, and content creator, shared that in 2022 she had an opportunity to work on COTO (COme TOgether), which is an all-women community creator platform.  

Giving more details about this new platform, she said, “I got a call from Aparna Achrekar that they had seen ‘Smitasha’ on my YouTube channel (Positive Thinkerz) and they wanted us to make something along the same lines. We ideated a lot and came up with another show that was passed. Then they contacted us again and asked us to help with getting artists onboard. That’s how my association with COTO began.”  

“I feel this is a great space created by Tarun Katial, and Aparna. It’s a safe space for women and a great conversation starter for conversations that need to happen but don’t for various reasons that we all know but don’t acknowledge,” she added.

Though she revealed that the response has been good, she also confessed that there were a lot of apprehensions initially. She added, “But that’s what comes with any new platform/app as there are so many now.”

But how is it different from others? “It’s about creating communities and having conversations that are not on usual platforms. Also, it’s based on the fundamentals of the web 3 platform where most of the benefits of the platform come to the creator and not the platform. Then once they come with their commerce module you can do product commerce, service commerce, or content commerce which will all be behind a paywall. If you get people on the platform via referral you get COTO gains that are micro shares to COTO,” she said.

“It’s a micro-entrepreneurial model for women entrepreneurs. It’s a great start and my belief in COTO comes from my blind belief in Tarun Katial and his vision that has not gone wrong ever. I am his biggest fan girl and cheerleader and he has proved time and again that his vision works. All the best to him and best wishes to him. I have Urvashi Dholakia and Achint Kaur for now for the platform,” Mitu concluded.

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