Kate Sharma: It’s difficult for me to trust anyone.

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While she used to love making new friends, actress Kate Sharma, who was last seen in Meri Durga, says that life has made her take a step back in this direction. The actress says that once she gets to know someone well, she becomes comfortable and lets her guards down.

“For me, I think when it comes to the first move, I am an introvert. But as soon as I form a close bond with someone, I become overly extroverted. Initially, it was very easy for me to take the first step. But after some friendship betrayals and heart breaks It’s not easy for me to trust people. I want good meaningful relationships in my life, but it’s very difficult to find, especially when I belong to this industry. It’s damn hard,” she says.

Ask her what makes her instantly happy, and she says, “When I feed food to animals, I feel very happy and blessed. I might be in the worst mood, but if any animal comes near me and starts playing, I forget everything. Animals are my happy place. Of Course, not wild.”

She adds, “Happiness is always inside us and one thing we need to understand is that our happiness is not anyone else’s responsibility. It’s because of us we feel happy or sad. If one can achieve this , there will be only joy and thankfulness all around.”

She says that how we feel depends on everything around us. “Emotions can change according to the factors in the surrounding. It’s very normal, we are human, we can feel anything. But the point is we should always think rationally during the bad mood swings. Compassion comes with maturity. I understood the value of life and real connections in lockdown. And I also grew a lot as a person. Kindness, in every human being, is so important. When we are kind towards everything, life becomes a blessing. So we should be thankful for every moment,” she says.

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