Mann Sundar actor Ekta Sharma: After Covid, I’ve started appreciating little things in life, started believing in gratitude

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Ekta Sharma is a self-confessed ambivert. The Mann Sundar actor shares that she can be shy and reserved, sit at home and go into her shell or she can also be very talkative and outgoing.
“I can strike up conversations but can open up to very few people. I do make friends easily but can have deep conversations with very few people,” she continues, “Small and simple little things make me happy like reading a good book, listening to music or having a coffee or a heartfelt conversation with a friend or just having my favourite meal can be soul-satisfying.”
Happiness is a subjective term, and might mean different things to different people. “I have realised now after so many years that happiness is within us, and we don’t have to be dependent on anyone else to be happy. Sometimes giving happiness to others makes me happy. Living every moment is also necessary,” she says.
Almost everyone has mood swings. Ekta too is no different. “I can also be moody at times. And it’s ok as long as you are not dragging your bad mood further and know what lifts up your mood,” she adds.
Ekta feels the unprecedented time during Covid has made us compassionate. “I have started appreciating the little things in life and value everything I have. I believe in gratitude,” she says.
Two things that immediately makes her happy? “I am happy listening to music, having coffee or just eating my favorite meal, just watching the sunset or rain or spending quality time with my loved ones, my daughter and her friends or having a heartfelt conversation with my friend’s mom make me happy. I love chocolates and music. I also love singing but have not taken any formal training. I enjoy gorging on street food,” she adds.

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