Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens teams up with Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna to commemorate genuine Indian flavors.

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Shah Rukh Khan, Rashmika Madanna along with Mr. Manish Agarwal, the Managing Director, and Ms. Shweta Agarwal, Director at Prabhuji Pure Foods.

28th August 2023, Mumbai: Renowned FMCG Leader Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens proudly announces an exclusive collaboration with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan and acclaimed actress Rashmika Mandanna. The partnership is a testament to their shared vision of promoting authentic Indian flavors globally, through Prabhuji’s cherished culinary offerings that are deeply ingrained in India’s gastronomic heritage.

Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, hailed for their enduring legacy, have perfected the art of creating exquisite Indian sweets and snacks that cater to diverse palates. The association with SRK and Rashmika symbolizes the brand’s commitment to preserving tradition while embracing contemporary ideals.

In the words of Mr. Manish Agarwal, the Managing Director: “Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens have long been an integral part of India’s snacking culture. While our delectable creations have remained a delight for the nation, our partnership with Shah Rukh and Rashmika mirrors our aspiration to present our flavors to the Indian and global audience. Our dedication to delivering unparalleled taste remains unwavering.”

Shah Rukh Khan, an international icon, shares his thoughts: “India’s culinary heritage is a matter of immense pride, and I’m thrilled to collaborate with Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, a brand synonymous with this rich heritage. While these culinary delights have been cherished locally, our collaboration aims to introduce the world to the authentic tastes of India.”

Rashmika Mandanna, a charismatic presence in the entertainment world, adds: “Food possesses a universal allure that can bridge cultures. I’m excited to embark on this journey with Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens. Together, we aspire to share India’s beloved traditional snacks and sweets with a global audience.”

The synergy between Prabhuji Sweets and Namkeens, SRK, and Rashmika marks a pivotal chapter in the brand’s narrative. United by their unwavering pursuit of excellence, this partnership is poised to elevate the perception of Indian flavors.

Shah Rukh Khan and Rashmika Mandanna, alongside Mr. Manish Agarwal, the Managing Director, and Ms. Shweta Agarwal, Director at Prabhuji Pure Foods.

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