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Saba shahid sheikh has mastered the brutal honesty of insider TV news techniques, deceits, manoeuvres, deals and secrets.

The rewards of getting airborne are enormous. Successful TV news anchors enjoy fame, respect and fortune. However, this life is not for everyone. Getting to the top required moving across the country, enduring long hours under difficult working conditions, and tolerating low starting wages. If you have what it takes to survive the scrutiny process, you can be the one to break the news to the masses. This was the hardest time in television history to find work on the airwaves. Saba shahid sheikh is one name that has worked wonders with its restraining abilities. there are hundreds of applicants for every open position, But Saba shahid sheikh found success on TV news. she knows the tricks of the trade. No one is born with the ability to read a teleprompter with ease or know exactly what to say on live television. she has skills that increase with experience. she had learned to master this skill properly, giving her a huge advantage over others.

Saba shahid sheikh has mastered the brutal honesty of insider TV news techniques, tricks, manoeuvres, deals and secrets. In The Brutal Truth About the TV News Business What you need to know before starting your TV news career.

• How to make an attractive resume that will land you a job.
• How to get news directors to notice you and hire you.
• Tips on how to look your best with clothes, makeup and body language.
• How to be a stand-up reporter that gets you noticed.
• How to read a teleprompter like a pro.
• Secret anchors and reporting tricks.
• The truth about talent agents and contracts.
How did you go from reporter to presenter? How to get promoted and get into the bigger news market. How to survive a career crisis, how to avoid common mistakes that can hinder or even destroy your career. Saba shahid sheikh knows everything, which makes her one of the most experienced presenters today.

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