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Have you been interested in getting in the best shape of your body? Have you tried EVERYTHING to lose weight but can never stick to anything? Are you the skinny type that can’t put on weight even if you tried?

If your question to either of the above is a ‘Yes’ then you are in the right place. Meet Shailesh Kumar Bharti, a fitness expert whose m???????????????????????? in life is ???????? ???????????????? ???????????????????????? w???????? ???????????????? ???????? ???????????????? ????????????????????????????. To realize that mission, Shailesh Kumar Bharti, from Deoghar, a major city in Jharkhand, India, started The Dream Fitness24, where he helps people become healthier and happier by attaining the right shape of their life.

Being healthy and fit is becoming more and more important today than it was before the Covid-19 pandemic. In fact, people have become more health conscious after the coronavirus hit the world in 2020. That was also the year when Shailesh Bharti, founded The Dream Fitness24 to help people achieve their goal of being fit and healthy.

Going to the gym to gain some muscle or lose weight is also now on the list of people who want to become healthy. So many people hit the gym every day and try to eat right. But, the same people, struggle to achieve the right weight or add some muscle to their bodies.

Achieving your right weight is not just a key part of being healthy, but also affects your social standing. That is because our weight makes a big difference to how other people see us. People who are overweight are laughed at wherever they go. But, even those who are underweight lack self-esteem which can be a problem if you want to socialize.

Keeping all this in mind, Shailesh Bharti, an expert weight management coach, started The Dream Fitness24. It is a No. 1 source of health and fitness which is dedicated to providing its customers with the very best of its services. At The Dream Fitness24, Shailesh Bharti’s focus is on coaching related to Food Management & Living a Healthy Active Lifestyle.

Through The Dream Fitness24, Shailesh Bharti aims to make people healthy and happy as he believes healthier and happier individuals make the world brighter. His passion has helped The Dream Fitness24 deliver transformational results for 1000+ people who he has helped to get fit sitting at home.

In fact, one of the USPs of The Dream Fitness24 is that through it Shailesh Bharti assists people in losing or gaining weight as well as getting fit while staying at home. Shailesh Bharti does that by offering an online fitness solution where he offers customized one-on-one private fitness classes.

The Dream Fitness24 runs a 21 days challenge and serves not more than 10 people every month.

If you want to become healthy and fit by achieving your best shape for life, please visit the website or contact Shailesh Bharti through his social media links:
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