Sneha Jain: Talking about sex is not accepted

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Talking about sex is still taboo when it comes to India, says actress Sneha Jain. She adds that this needs to change and people must be comfortable to talk about sex in public as well.

“There’s a taboo in India about the word sex. Talking about sex is not accepted. People judge your character if you talk about it casually. It’s a day-to-day thing and it’s a very common topic. Why do we think that these things should be talked about inside rooms? I don’t know why people take it as a big deal talking and don’t mind doing it,” she says.

She adds, “Talking publicly about sex is condemned so much. It’s an individual’s choice to speak or not, why make such a big deal about it? Let people live their life, who are we to decide how a person should live their life? A lot of people don’t speak much about sex, thinking its bad, but then when something wrong happens to them they don’t speak about it because people will judge them. Nobody is going to judge you. For our comfort, we snatch others’ comfort.”

In fact, the actress adds that normalising topics like sex education will help in a big way. “I believe kids should be given proper sex education so that they can make the right decisions in life. We didn’t have it during our school days, I am a 90s kid. Teenagers are curious and when they experiment, they make stupid decisions and regret life. Whoever has any questions on sex, it needs to be addressed. The more you hide, the bigger it can get. It’s everyone’s need and it’s a human body’s need,” she says.

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