Sonu Chandrapal expresses her love of travel on National Tourism Day.

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Actress Sonu Chandrapal says she wants to see India’s lovely hill areas. The actress says that she enjoys visiting places where she can study nature.

“My favourite tourist spot in India is Kashmir because it is a heaven on earth. There is a lot of vegetation in the summer, and it snows in the winter. Kashmir is a place that is always lovely, whether it is summer or winter, and this is why I want to return. Unfortunately, the last time I visited Kashmir, it was under a curfew, so I couldn’t get around much. And I didn’t even get a chance to go after that. I recently visited Manali, which is also a gorgeous spot. Mountains, snow, and apple trees can all be found. Nature has always piqued my interest, and I enjoy visiting destinations rich in natural beauty, such as Shimla and Ooty, Manali,” she says.

“Unfortunately, I haven’t traveled very much, but if given the opportunity, I would love to tour the entire world, every place, and learn every culture,” she adds. So, my plan B is to go on a world tour in the future and investigate every place, a new way of life, and their culture, and become involved and explore everything if feasible. When it comes to regular travel, you go to places that are conveniently accessible, and the closest one to Mumbai is Goa. However, I believe it is impossible to connect with nature in Goa. I’d like to visit hill stations in the north, such as Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand, or Kashmir, and I’d like to go there again and again. I’m not going to become bored.”

Sonu finds that travelling relieves stress. “Travelling is a stress reliever because when you travel, you imbibe the vibe of that area, the weather, the feel, and it resonates with you,” she adds. It’s exciting to visit a new place and explore it. There’s a lot of rush and bustle in Mumbai, and everyone wants to get away from it every now and then.”

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