Subuhii Joshii: “At times, I am an extrovert and, at times, I am very introvert.

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Actress Subuhii Joshi, who is currently seen in Bigg Buzz on Voot, says that she is, by nature, a friendly person. While she loves making conversations, there are some people who she has tried to keep her distance from as well.

“At times, I am an extrovert and, at times, I am very introvert. It all depends on the vibe the other person gives. There are people who make you so comfortable that you easily start talking to them and there are also people with whom you are not able to open up,” she says.

She adds, “Until and unless, I don’t get extremely bad vibes from someone, I do try to strike up conversations.”

Ask her what happiness means to her, and she says, “When you are content by yourself, that is happiness to me. If I am happy being alone, I feel that’s my idea of happiness. When you don’t need anything for you to be happy. Working makes me happy and being around my family makes me happy. When you are happy without materialistic things that is real happiness.”

However, she says mood swings are common. “I get really bad mood swings a lot of times, everybody does. It’s not just women who get mood swings. I think it’s natural to have mood swings,” she adds.

Ask her what gets her in a good mood instantly, and she says, “Good food, traveling and going on vacations with my family makes me happy. Only the mention of going on a vacation is enough to make me happy.”

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